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Do you feel like your missing out on deeper connections with yourself and others? 




Do you feel like Men have been robbed of the opportunity to be masculine and vulnerable while still exuding confidence to create more success in life and relationships?




Do you desire a more soulful way to create self-mastery without the judgment of other men yet be in a brotherhood? 


Do you long to deepen the connection with yourself?

We believe having a community is extremely important. In some ways more important than anything else, whether your community is 5 people or 300 it's imperative to feel supported and to belong somewhere that offers mutual support and trust. 

 We live in a world where community exists all around us and finding the right community can be a game-changer to one's quality of life.  

 The truth is the majority of men are missing out on this experience and are starting to feel drawn to spaces offering a soulful holistic approach to creating community and support. 

For centuries men have been robbed of the opportunity to be masculine and vulnerable while being grounded in peace and compassion, harnessing all of these qualities is a key balancing tool for personal gains. 

Perhaps it’s time to explore how shifting the male paradigm could ultimately shift our world... Let men feel good being masculine yet soulful and conscious at the same time. 



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Co-Founder of The Relationship Matrix 

Sultan A. Salahuddin II, originally from the south side of Chicago, is a college graduate, independent researcher, WGA writer, SAG actor, and intuitive. He contributes these successes to the relationship he fosters with himself. During his childhood, Sultan was hit by a car and briefly died. The experience unlocked many hidden talents, caused a paradigm shift in his mind, and increased his hunger to become the best version of himself. 
 Sultan’s inner sanctuary has always provided the correct answer, the proper motivation, and appropriate guidance for all of his relationships. He appreciates himself allowing him to respect others, he loves himself, helping him to love others, and he is accountable to himself, which keeps accountability in the focus when dealing with any relationship. Sultan understands the intrinsic value of a good relationship with self. He believes this is the foundation of having a healthier life, being happier, and becoming the best version of oneself.
“I am here to raise the vibration of humanity through laughter.” ~Sultan A. Salahuddin II


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Co-Founder of The Relationship Matrix 

Kristin Lamar is a Stress Management Strategist, Leadership Advisor, and Intuitive Problem solver.
Bringing the guidance of higher vibrational energy into conversations with clients, she helps them find clarity, push past boundaries, and live happier, healthier, wealthier lives.
For the past fifteen years, she has been embracing this awakening. It hasn't always been easy, experiencing life's many waves, loss, success, and failure; however, she learned to allow the experiences of her own life to be her guiding light. Kristin's philosophy is;  If we pay attention to the information nestled into the highs and lows of life, we'll eventually land precisely where we need to be.
Kristin currently works with people who are ready to embrace their awakening. Kristin's clients range from corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and conscious thought leaders, to those simply curious about seeking a connection to their inner wisdom to create the life they've always dreamed of having. 
"Whether in business or personal life, clarity comes from having a clear sense of self." -Kristin Lamar.


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